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Apr 22

Maybe you shouldn’t have watched The Wall with your younger sibling when you were like nine, then.
I did no such thing!  He wasn’t there for that!  Lies.  Lies and slander.


Anonymous asked: Top 5 weird/creepy stories to delight a younger sister.

How much younger?  I’m not going to be responsible for any more “irrevocable childhood trauma” lawsuits. 


smegolas asked: Fine. Top five men who look sexier without facial hair.

None, literally none, I cannot even think of any.  Top 5 men who look sexier with facial hair but potentially took the beard game a little too far in the end:

1. Christian Bale.

2. Brad Pitt.

3. Pierce Brosnan.

4. Ewan McGregor.

5. Viggo Mortensen.

(I don’t think Joaquin Phoenix counts he was doing a thing.)

smegolas asked: Top five OT3s.

I don’t think I….have….any?  Actual OT3s?  Spike and Angel minus Dru so that doesn’t count?  Like I can see Clint being equally the property of Coulson and Natasha but all of them as an active threesome so I don’t think that counts?  As a consolation prize, here are my top 5 sexy MCU characters.

1. Brock Rumlow


railerat asked: Top five fictional rabbits. Also, top five films.

One of these is delightful and one of these is evil.


1. Hazel in Watership Down.

2. Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.

3. Max in Max And Ruby.

4. The Muppets’ Bean Bunny.

5. Angel in MLP.


1. David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

2. Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!

3. Claudio Fragasso’s Troll 2.

4. Irvin Kershner’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

5.Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.


I am on the outer circles of a lot of communities here and miss a lot of stuff that goes on.  If you ever see me reblogging stuff from a known creeper/sleaze/apologist/etc, it is 100% unintentional and anon is on if you want to drop me a warning to unfollow.  I know how much it sucks to really like a blog but have an almost visceral reaction to the assholes they reblog. 

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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