Metropolis (1927)

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896 by Jean-Léon Gérôme


Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896 by Jean-Léon Gérôme

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This fucking woman

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Anonymous asked: Re: weird/creepy stories, let's say she's... 11 or 12, not a wee babby but not quite a teen yet.

Yay Tumblr didn’t eat this ask like I thought!  I hope you’re still around.  I’m trying not to go too over the top here but by 12 I was reading Stephen King on the regular so.  These are a couple short stories that aren’t too hard to find (last I checked) and a couple creepypasta; for more online stuff, I’m recruiting my brother delcat.

1. Uncle Joshua and the Grooglemen by Debra Doyle and James MacDonald.

2. Sarah O’Bannon

3. Skeleton by Ray Bradbury, really a shit ton of Ray Bradbury is great for that age

4. The Bone Man by Laura Simms which is also a traditional Modoc tale.

5. Candle Cove

6. Bonus don’t know if she’s old enough yet buuuut Born Of Man And Woman by Richard Matheson.

YMMV on appropriateness here as I said.

"Society often blurs the lines between drag queens and trans women. This is highly problematic, because many people believe that, like drag queens, trans women go home, take off their wigs and chest plates, and walk around as men. Trans womanhood is not a performance or costume."

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I’m surprised Ru Paul would even acknowledge the Stonewall Riots since she’s all about that apologist life, telling black folk and trans women that they shouldn’t call out black face, racial slurs, or the t word, and that if they do so they’re “idiots.”

I’m so pissed off that Ru Paul is trying to convince folk that she’s some revolutionary when in reality she got famous because she sold us all out decades ago. She’s using the legacy of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson while completely disrespecting that legacy, and it’s gross as shit, especially with the amount of racism and transmisogyny the women she’s talking about experienced for their brave actions, and how quickly and harshly Sylvia was ostracized for speaking out against oppression and violence against her community.

From the article I linked to above by Monica Roberts:

It really pisses us Black trans women off that you give RuPaul Andre Charles (and Tyler Perry dressed as Madea) more love and respect than you do the average Black transwoman struggling to live their lives and interact with the Black cis and SGL communities without major drama. 



Reblogged for commentary and this historical archives around Black trans women’s work.

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