Just heard about Syfy greenlighting a pilot for The Magicians.

I think we can all agree that they are going to fuck this up, but I am extremely curious to see exactly in which ways.


Wishbone, aka the coolest dog of the 90s

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Anonymous said: is it fun working at the library? also does the library stock *looks around* *whispers* naughty fanfics


That’s actually a really good question!  Both really good questions.

My job is typical to being a job, in that it’s something that’s enjoyable to the right mindset and has its drawbacks.  I personally enjoy the main job a lot because shelving and such is soothing to my OCD and lets my mind free-float, which gives me time to worldbuild and write.

I’m irritated by breaks in that, though, and they happen a lot—emptying bins is my least favorite job because it means having to communicate with my coworkers, most of whom I’m neutral toward and a couple of whom make me want to gnaw my arm off.  I love the work I do, but I’d really like to be left alone to do it.

I also hate getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, but a daywalker I must be.  Plus I wear through shoes like blue blazes but that’s gone well for me lately!  yeah though I do Epsom Salts baths I’m 80001 years old

If you were expecting YEAH DUDE I GET TO READ ALL THE BOOKS ON MY BREAKS AND TELL STORIES TO KIDS AND RIDE THE CARTS AROUND…sorry, it’s really like a stocking job for people who are alphanumerically oriented.  I’d like to tell stories to kids, though, I miss doing readings.

All in all, though, it’s pretty cool and I’m really happy to have what I have.  I’m nervous about trying to advance, but that’ll come in time, hopefully.

As for the second part, we have enough romance novels to choke on, including twelve (12) spare (SPARE) copies of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy.  I don’t mind shelving this stuff, but I inevitably end up going “I COULD DO YOU BETTER LET ME SHOW YOU THE INTERNET YOU’RE SETTLING ALL OF YOU ARE SETTLING”

ETA: OH and I don’t get library fines!  Unless I severely abuse the system (GIVE ME ALL DVDS FOREVER), in which case I get a pink slip.

You’ve also got 50 Shades, a decently curated book of erotica through history, and one of the worst books of steampunk erotica I have ever semi-ironically perused.  Incidentally, your “Staff Picks!” selection is frequently hilarious.


Michaela Petro as Maladict in Lifeline Theatre’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment.


Michaela Petro as Maladict in Lifeline Theatre’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment.

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Want to make some badass props and have no idea how? Check out my new prop making book for only 5$!


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"I hate Wide Sargasso Sea and I hate Jean Rhys; I am glad that I am alive and she is dead. She was allergic to fun and she sucked eggs."

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*is mark z danielewski* it’s fucked up how many women I have imagined who want to fuck this repulsive man, but i guess I can’t write a story about a haunted house that’s got spookywalls without it. Such is the price of Literature.

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Shakespearean insults, with cats.

7 more here.

I did not realize how very perfect cats were at delivering Shakespeare’s insults until now.

coffees-and-cats MAAAAAY

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If only heterosexuality could be as pretty in real life as it is in movies.

*slams on the brakes*

Is that Naveen Andrews.

In a Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice.

*dies in delight and squees*




way ahead of you :U

Holy shit, my husband and I need to watch this

It’s good.  It’s painfully good.  And the girls are wonderfully cast and played. 

I have this on dvd and it is probably my favorite Pride and Prejudice adaptation. :)

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