katymonster replied to your post:Watching the entirety of Marble…”
That’s true, Ein is in full cuddle mode. Btw I just googled Marble Hornets and WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. STAHP.
No I love this series it’s an absolute classic.  I’ve just never had to watch it facing the exact same kind of windows that the creepy shit starts happening in before.  There’s even a teeny tiny sliver of light coming through from the complex next door.  It’s beautiful and terrible.
I’m about to watch Occulus, home alone, like a very smart person.
Oculus was really good, but you know ymmv due to my time/space distortion fears.  And you are not alone, you’ve got your cats right there.

Watching the entirety of Marble Hornets in the dark facing my front windows and front door because some dumbass decided I could live in my own house and make my own decisions

That was such a beautiful concept for a horror movie, why



Nope I was 1000% correct to avoid American Mary in the first place and I am extremely concerned that these are the filmmakers in charge of Painkiller Jane.

Well fuck I guess I gotta try American Mary after all.  And also change my business cards to read “Bisexual Woman Superhero.”

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Horror movies characters in tattoo style by Quyen Dinh

Quyen Dinh is a Vietnam born and Califoria raised artist, hugely influenced by traditional tattoos art. Her painting works are, as a matter of fact, tattoo flash’s on canvas. In this series she portraied famous characters from cult horror movies from the 80s and from the very classics.” 

fuck these are great

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eatingsoapboxes said: how is this? i like the author, his zombie books are delightfully bleak

So far not a lot of action and kind of trying to emulate Stephen King’s “reminiscing old codger” style a bit much, but I’m only a couple dozen pages in.  I’m assuming he’ll hit his stride once the giant killer worms show up;

"What’s your favorite scary movie?"

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What I started reading today because I am making the best life decisions.

What I started reading today because I am making the best life decisions.