"I knew this one woman who got promoted over me and she was totally incompetent. She got the job because she was a woman."

Gee, as a woman I have no idea what it feels like when someone who is totally incompetent gets a job you want just because of their genitals. I’m so glad there’s a cultural system in place to makes sure that systematically happens to everyone but your demographic, so that when it does happen to you once in a blue moon it gives you something to bitch about for the rest of your life.

Winter Soldier spoilers

  • Me: So what are they doing with the TV series now, though?
  • Me: Join us next week for Marvel's Agents Of Nothing!
  • Chae: Phil & Friends!

yo thanks freyastormborn for screaming this as we spilled out of the theater on thursday night.


yo thanks freyastormborn for screaming this as we spilled out of the theater on thursday night.

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qglas asked: clint barton/a sexy lamp


but is that incest or masturbation.


Megan came into the room to ask if I was going to eat anything as I posted that

and pointed out that I’ve eaten nothing but yogurt and citrus lumps for like three days now

now I am being handed food

Megan best sister 1984-2014-beyond

I made him add the “beyond” so it didn’t look like he was being fed by a ghost.

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM 

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  • Me: Hey internet, how long can I leave my cats for on vacation? I have someone checking in on them, but they can go like, a couple days at time, right?
  • Internet: I would never leave my precious precious babies how dare you even think about it.
  • Me: Yeah okay but
  • Internet: It's basically like murdering them to leave them alone for more than seven hours at a time. If left unattended for even a moment they can swallow normal household objects like a sponge or an ottoman or the entire stove and die a prolonged, gruesome death where their last moments are focused with a laser-like precision on how you, their beloved owner, didn't give two shits about them.
  • Me: I don't think that's
  • Internet: Good pet owners never leave home.
  • Me: Okay, that's enough.
  • Internet: Find new owners for your cats who will love and cherish them and feed them raw meat directly from their mouths and then kill yourself.
  • Me: Good talk, internet.


All I know is I was definitely not looking for porn of any kind, let alone monster porn, when iTunes started recommending these books to me.

Troll Violation: Fucked By A Troll was apparently published in 2012, so I’m really surprised I didn’t hear about it winning the Nobel prize for literature by now.

Just asked a patron to put his shoes back on


and his response—among other sarcastic commentary—was, “Why don’t you join a union so you don’t have to walk around like a security guard telling people to do things?”

This is literally the first time a disgruntled patron has suggested I join a union, and firsts are always fresh and fun and would have merited a post just for that reason. But I also wanted to ask any unionized librarians following me: do you ever have to walk around and tell people to do (or not to do) things?

It is apparently barefoot bibliophiles day today.